Technical Data

  • Own CE marking
  • Building inspection approval: DIBt approval number Z-156.610-1373
  • Emission-tested construction product in accordance with DIBt principles
  • Fire performance: flame-retardant class Bfl-s1 as per DIN EN 13501-1 on solid mineral subsurfaces (gross density >/= 1350 kg/m³) and on subsurfaces made of wood and wood materials (thickness >/= 10 mm, gross density >/= 475 kg/m³)
  • Acoustic and constructive decoupling from the subsurface (13-18 db impact sound reduction value as per ITA Wiesbaden test)
  • Disposal (tile incl. cork layer and system joint mass) as per waste code 170904 (DK1 landfill)

ITA Wiesbaden: Improvement in impact sound

Tests by the ITA Wiesbaden showed a reduction in impact sound of 13 to 18 dB, depending on the system variant used.

DryTile meets the requirements for the Light Commercial rating of the Robinson test, the authorization requirement for the American market.

Detailed information on the testing procedure and results are available upon request.

Otto-Graf-Institut Stuttgart:  Fire protection test

The research and material testing institute at the University of Stuttgart carried out several comprehensive tests of DryTile’s fire protection properties.

The tests found that DryTile is flame retardant and generates no smoke, putting it in the Bfl-s1 classification.

The test certificate is available upon request.

General requirements for DryTile

When fitting large-size tiles, whether classic tiles or DryTile, the subsurface must display a level of evenness that goes beyond the requirements of DIN 18 202. The flatness tolerance is 2 mm for every 2 m of length (1/8 inch for every 10 feet).

Leveling and smoothing compounds can create a suitably even subsurface on which the large-size tiles can be laid.

We are happy to advise you in detail on the right way to prepare your subsurface.

Living Building Challenge DECLARE label

The Living Building Challange is "the world's most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings." The entire DryTile system, including the porcelain, cork, and grout, is LBC Compliant and contains no Red List ingredients.

The LBC Compliant status conveys that DryTile used the Proprietary Ingredient exception, meaning less than 1% of the total product is not disclosed on the public label to protect proprietary ingredients. 

See the DryTile Declare label below.