DryTile – The system in detail

DryTile is the dry tiling system for large-size fine stoneware and natural stone tiles. The floor tiles feature a patented, self-adhesive natural cork layer. They are simply fitted loosely on a smooth and even subsurface, with no need for wet adhesive.

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DryTile is suitable for use on any smooth and even surface in indoor areas. What makes DryTile so special is its speed and flexibility.

The system is often used in business spaces such as shops and offices, as well as rented properties.



Building owners, craftsmen and architects will love the many advantages of DryTiling:

  • Much shorter fitting time: up to 8x faster than conventional tiling
  • Can be walked on immediately
  • Noise-insulating
  • Can be removed without leaving behind residue
  • Dust-free fitting
  • Sustainable


Details & technical data

DryTiling system floors have been tested by many renowned institutes, both in Germany and internationally. The results have been consistently positive: flame-retardant, zero smoke emissions, light commercial usage rating and an impact sound insulation of up to 18 dB.