DryTile System

As simple as it is ingenious

What makes DryTile so unique is the special cork layer. This layer ensures that the tile sticks securely to the floor surface, with no need for mortar and adhesive. We call this new system dry tiling.

The idea behind it is as simple as it is ingenious. The weight of the tile presses the cork layer against the subsurface. The layer adheres to the subsurface through suction and prevents the tile from slipping. The cork layer also decouples the tile from the floor, ensuring higher impact sound insulation and better heat insulation.

  1. Ceramic tile with standard technical properties
  2. Sintered, 2.5-mm-thick cork layer with a protruding edge of 1.5 mm
  3. System joint of 3 mm created automatically when the 1.5-mm protrusions of two tiles are fitted next to each other

DryTile is the perfect choice when you need to fit tiles fast.

The system is up to 8 times faster than conventional methods.