DryTile benefits: easy installation, emissions-free, little waste produced, recyclable, colored material, acid resistant, color-fast, non-flammable, impact proof, suitable for underfloor heating, high breaking load.

DryTile offers many advantages that can help you, no matter what challenge you face.

For building owners

Significantly shorter installation periods
DryTile is up to 8 times faster than conventional tiling.

Entirely reversible at no great effort
If you wish to keep on top of the latest trends in interior design or areas are subject to a change of use, you can swiftly and easily remove the tiles, leaving behind  no residue.

Easy repair of damaged tiles
Damaged tiles can be replaced within minutes. Joints are easily cut open, no drying times for tile adhesive – simply insert the new tile and regrout.

For craftspeople

Dust-free installation
Noise, dust and stress are irritating factors. The DryTile system does not require any adhesive so installation is fast and smooth.

Tapping new areas of business
DryTile makes tiles fit for new areas of application and offers trade and craftsmen new impulses. Whether supermarkets, hotels or showrooms: DryTile offers flexibility and speed – and all of the advantages of a robust tile surface.

Minimizing warranty claims
Constructive decoupling means that complaints based on underground movements are practically eliminated.

For architects

Parallel planning of tasks
DryTile system floors can be walked on immediately, enabling the continuation of other tasks such as electrical installation, painting or drywall work, practically without interruption.

Easy planning
The only prerequisite for DryTile is a smooth subsurface (inside micrometre 2 mm on 2 m length).
“Visible” planning, and not according to rigidly specified separating joints and minimum clearances.